Quarter Birthday – Wednesday 13th February 2019

Quarter Birthday

Today is my Quarter Birthday. I’ve not spotted cakes and presents, which may be an oversight, but today I am thirteen and a quarter and I intend to celebrate. Our Mistress has noticed a bit of a pattern in my dementia. When I’m really bad if she then gives me some seaweed it’s amazing how much better I feel. It’s something to do with the nutrients, but neither one of us really understands it. I have to tell her that’s what I need, usually by digging up and eating the grass and mud until she realises. When she does realise, the improvement is almost immediate. She says she would love to understand the science behind it, but whatever it is we’re both grateful.

Sharing a crate

Shadow being indignant

Sharing the crate in the car with Shadow is not going totally to plan. Shadow is pretty indignant about it and complaining that I keep sitting on her. I’m just trying to keep out of the way, but there is quite a bit of me. Our Mistress says it’s funny seeing two heads in her mirror as we are both looking out of the window, me at one height and Shadow at another. I’m not really getting the hang of getting in and out yet. I don’t feel as confident on the ramp as I need to. Then when it came to getting out I wouldn’t get out of the other door from the one I’d gone in through. I just needed to go out the same way. Our Mistress accepted that thankfully.

Me at the back


Wilma is taking her job of walking our Mistress very seriously at the moment. Our Mistress really needs the benefit of the fresh air and exercise and Wilma has taken her in paw. Yesterday, our Mistress was feeling down and didn’t feel like going, but Wilma stood her ground and said it would do our Mistress good. Of course, Wilma was right and was happy to make our Mistress do two circuits of the walk for good measure. I wish I could help, but it’s good to know that Wilma is taking charge of the situation.


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  1. Happy thirteen and a quarter birthday Alfie. Have a lovely day. I’m sure a present and a cake or two will come later. xxxxx

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