Where do I start? – Saturday 2nd March 2019

Where do I start?

Well where do I start? Yesterday was not a good day. For one thing it rained all day. I can get rain in England, I don’t need it here as well. Snow I can cope with by a day that is grey and where it rains heavily is not my idea of fun. Secondly, I had not playmates other than Mum all day. Ok, so she can be fun, but I’ve so enjoyed seeing all my friends that it really was disappointing. As if that wasn’t enough I had to go to the vet for my worming to go back to England. That was bad in several ways. Firstly I had to have worming pills. Secondly after she weighed me Mum said enough was enough and I’m now on a diet with reduced food rations. Finally, when we got home she didn’t see I was standing behind her and opened the door onto my foot and it hurt.

Chilling out at home


The rain really is making lots of the snow disappear. The way things are going ours will be the only iceberg left in our road. For some reason our house seems to be the only one which at ground level gets no sun during the day. We’ve still got a very large pile of snow in front of the house and I think it might be the very last one left at this rate. I think it’s going to be dry over the weekend, which is good as I know Mum and Dad have some long walks planned. They’ve got some boring stuff planned too, but hopefully that won’t take too long. Mum is on a mission. There is a red bench she can see from our lounge window. It’s right up on the other hillside and now she wants to go to see if we can find it. I bet she’ll be out of breath before I am!



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