Dull and Boring – Sunday 17th March 2019

Dull and boring

Our Mistress has decided she’s dull and boring. She has thrown a challenge over to the four of us. Whichever of us who can think of the best idea of what to do today will get their choice for the day. I don’t know what to suggest as the weather will make a big difference to mine. Alfie has put in his suggestion to have our Mistress spending the day in the kitchen cooking. He loves it when she cooks, firstly because it means she is in the room he’s happiest in and secondly because she can be relied on to drop things. Shadow is struggling to come up with any idea other than barking and bouncing, neither of which our Mistress is very keen on. Wilma rather predictably has put in for a long walk, but given the amount of rain we’ve had they may need flippers. I’m thinking it’s a choice between spending all day in bed snuggling up with a good book or pottering round the garden planting the vegetable seeds that would normally be in by now. I think I stand a good chance of winning.

Our Mistress and Wilma yesterday

Preparing for Brexit

Our Mistress is leaving nothing to chance. She has her International Driving Permits, her Green Card and now has GB stickers without the European flag. She’s very sad about having to have any of them, but she says she needs to be prepared for whatever happens. Shadow and Wilma both have everything they need in their passports ready for travel. It’s made me wonder if I should get my passport sorted out too, just in case I want to go. I let mine lapse a few years ago so I’d have to start from the beginning, but I’m starting to think I might like to.

Anyway, I’m off to suggest the gardening option – wish me luck


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