Valeria has Puppies – Monday 27th July 2020

Valeria has Puppies

Valeria has puppies and Dad went to see them. I do so wish I was there. I have to admit to being a little jealous of Dad being out and about. He was going for a swim in the lake but he didn’t get around to that one. Anyway, more importantly, Valeria and the puppies are all well. I said he should take one home with him when they are a bit older so that there is one of us there to look after him, but he says he’s just as happy to wait to see all of us at the moment.


Shadow was busy doing a Dumbo impression yesterday. I don’t know how she can put her ears in that position and hold them there. I think her ears are made differently to mine. Mine are much thinner and won’t do quite the same things. Oh, I can put them back and look cute, but there is no chance of my flapping them hard enough to see if I can take off. Shadow’s never turn inside out either. Mine doing that isn’t a skill as I don’t have any control over it. It just happens and then Mum makes me fold them back the right way.


Mum is keeping up our daily retraining sessions. Mine are going well and I’ve really remembered everything. I’m just having to be a bit more self disciplined. My stays have gone a bit wonky so Mum says we need to work on those. Ari is a completely different matter. He is still arguing about why he has to do the boring stuff. He’s happy to do the tricks, like ‘touch’ and ‘tap’ and playing ‘tag’ with Mum, but he says stay and wait and walking to heel are just too boring to want to bother with. He’s not as easily bribed with food as I am. If he doesn’t fancy something he just walks away. It’s a battle of wills and my money is on Aristotle.

Shadow on the other paw has played the elderly dog card. For one thing she claims not to be able to hear. Then when asked to sit or lie down she does the whole ‘what, with my bad leg?’ routine. I suspect she will be excused from some of the sessions on the grounds that Mum just can’t face the battle.



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