On her way – Saturday 29th January 2022

On her way

Mum is on her way to pick us up. Actually, if you are reading this as 6am, what she actually said was ‘my alarm’s gone off and I’m about to get up’. I just wanted to make sure. The last thing we wanted was her oversleeping when she’s due to collect us. She has promised faithfully to set off early, in case the storm we are expecting affects the journey. On the bright side, we’re having our lunch early so that we’re ready for her. She says she doesn’t want to have to stop to feed us on the way home.

It will be so good to get back. When I was thinking about it I realised that I have really started to think about our new place as home now. When I thought of going home I thought about the big garden to run around in and the sheep waiting for me to check up on them. I’m hoping we have a good drive back and there’s plenty of time for me to check out what’s been happening in the garden while I’ve been away.

Harness Problems

One of the clips on Shadow’s harness has broken so Mum has to bring a different one for her. She was going to buy a new one, but as she wasn’t altogether sure of the size she went to our cupboard to find an old one that would do for the time being. You might think she’d need to know what size Shadow was for that too. It turns out there were eight spare harnesses in the cupboard in differing sizes, including Shadow’s old one. Mum has put them all in the car so she can find one that Shadow thinks is comfortable.

Shadow has said she wouldn’t mind choosing a new one for her birthday in a couple of weeks. We’ll have to see. Mum did point out that was how we’d got to the point of having eight spares in the cupboard.