Looking for normal – Thursday 1st December 2022

Looking for normal

We spent most of yesterday looking for normal. Nothing feels quite right without Shadow. In the morning Ari and I didn’t have to wait to be fed until Shadow had finished – something which could take a long time. I was so upset that I didn’t even bother going to find some apples when we went out. I just did what I needed to do and came straight back inside.

Mum found it strange not to have a deaf dog lying against the shower door, so that she couldn’t get out. We used to enjoy the humour of Mum’s struggle to get Shadow to move without actually poking her with the door.


Ari and I spent some of the day arguing. I know that’s not helpful, but we just feel a bit confused about life. I suppose we’re trying to sort out who exactly will lie where, now we have some other choices. We don’t actually really need to change anything, it just feels as though we do.

Some of the day I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the lovely messages you all sent to me and Mum about Shadow. She touched so many lives in one way or another. Ari heard from quite a few of his brothers and sisters as well as his uncle Rocky. We just hope that Shadow knew how much she was loved by you all. I think she’d find it all a bit confusing, but be very pleased nonetheless.

Resuming walks

I didn’t go for a walk yesterday because Mum went for her Covid booster vaccination. It means I’m all the more excited about going out this afternoon. We’re going to Charlecote Park and meeting one of Mum’s friends for a walk. It’s one I know too, so I’m looking forward to seeing too.

Ari has said to Mum that he thinks his eye has improved enough that he’d like to try swimming again, so would she book that too. I guess getting out and about will cheer us both up.



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