Worn out – Monday 8th July 2019

Worn out

We all spent yesterday worn out after the excitement of Saturday. The good news now is that I’m fully recovered and my very own exercise ball should arrive today. I just can’t wait to get it blown up and be able to carry on with my learning. Aristotle wants to learn too, so I know I have to share. Shadow says much as she’d like to, she is struggling to recover from Saturday so may have to leave it to us two instead. If Ari likes it, I’m hoping he might get his own ball so that we can play at the say time.

Toy car

Of course, I may need Mum to buy me a toy car too. We had quite big toy cars to practice pushing on before we moved on to the balls. I don’t know that I actually need one, but it was just so much fun that I think I’d like one anyway. I’ve got to remember the order we did all the exercises in so that I can help Aristotle to catch up. The first one was ‘touch’ which meant putting your nose into your human’s hand. We already know that one, but call it ‘tag’ and use it as a game when we’re walking. We actually us the command ‘touch’ to mean something else so it was getting a bit confusing hearing everyone else saying that.


Then we learnt ‘Away’ meaning we should go around anti-clockwise and ‘Go by’ meaning go clockwise. To begin with I thought Mum was saying ‘goodbye’ and I was preparing myself for her to leave me, but that was thankfully not the case. After that we learnt ‘Line up’ to mean we were to come round in front of our human. Oh no, I’ve missed out ‘bed’ but if you remember that was what I was learning last month anyway, so it wasn’t so bad. We got on much better with line up when Mum remembered to use the right hand movement to go with her words. Humans can be so uncoordinated and confusing.

Anyway, ‘Push’ was the last thing we were doing. It’s really vital to learn push so you can move the ball. Mind you, if you don’t get line up right then it wouldn’t end up anywhere near the goal!

Have a great Monday


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