Chocolate – Monday 21st October 2019


Well it seems while dog certainly can’t live on chocolate, at all never mine alone, human is trying pretty hard. Mum had some chocolates left over from her book launch. Now she’s usually a logical person and knows that eating chocolates does not fit with her diet, however, she seems under the impression that if she eats them as a whole meal substitute that will somehow make it all right. I just looked at her, as only her fellow dieter could. She didn’t so much as turn a hair. She is showing no remorse whatsoever. Even when I asked what the scales had to say about the matter she didn’t waver. She simply took another out of its wrapper and chewed on it while she was thinking. There is no hope! I’m going to have to take her out for an extra very long walk to help her see the error of her ways.


As you will know from our previous travelling experiences, or more to the point Shadow’s experience, one of Mum’s mottos is ‘Always check the microchip’. Well, it turns out scanners have come down in price, so she has taken control of the situation and bought her own microchip reader. This next bit may not surprise you, it’s purple! I’m going to be testing it later on. Her excuse for buying it is needing to check the chips of the dogs entering the breeding test on Saturday, but in reality it is for when we travel. I don’t blame her and with the impending Brexit possibilities it is probably not such a bad idea. It’s a good job I like purple.

Kicking Leaves

There is one good thing about walking at this time of year. I know the nights are drawing in and it is very often quite dismal, in this country at least, but on the bright side I can run and play in big piles of leaves. I do try to make sure I don’t play in ones occupied by my hedgehog friends, but the unoccupied piles of leaves are awesome to jump in. It makes me appreciate the work the trees do even more.

Have a great Monday



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