An Apology – Wednesday 8th January 2020

An apology

I need to make an apology to Sybil. I got my years confused. When I said there were no litters last year I of course meant the year before last. Last year my lovely niece, Sybil, had a litter of seven puppies. One of them was named after our village in Switzerland. How could I have forgotten that? Mum said she should have spotted my mistake, but let’s be honest, she’s a bit stressed at the moment. Anyway, Sybil – I’m sorry.

Giving comfort

I have decided that Alfie needs some extra moral support so I have started to sleep in his bed with him. He didn’t complain so I’m guessing he appreciated it. Mum said he wasn’t doing too well yesterday, but at least his leg was mostly working. It would be much easier if he didn’t woof every so often in discomfort. Every time he does it, I jump up and bark to alert Mum, then Alfie wonders what is going on so he barks. Poor Mum her nerves are getting very frazzled. She keeps sending me to the naughty step, but I’m not really meaning to be naughty – just trying to help.

Christmas excess

Mum’s Christmas excess will have to stop now. Not only has she finished the chocolate, but the shortbread is all gone now to. You would think that meant she was back to healthy eating, but instead she is scouring the cupboards to check if there is anything she might have missed. At this point it is probably as well that she’s still housebound or she’d probably be going out to buy some more. There are some Christmas presents she has to give out yet and I think she’s seriously wondering about raiding those. I’ve reminded her of some of the things she says about willpower. I can at least try to shame her into being sensible.



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