On Guard Duty – Thursday 9th January 2020

On Guard Duty

I’m on guard duty. I’ve decided that Alfie needs an extra layer of protection and that’s my job. I can sit by Mum’s chair and see out of the front window to make sure no one comes to the house. Then I circle round and round the lounge just to be on the safe side. There’s a window at the back too so I can go behind the settee and look down the garden. I think I’m fulfilling an important job and that the rest of the household should be grateful to me. The odd thing is that they see it a little differently. Alfie says he really wants complete calm and quiet as he just wants to rest. Mum says if I knock the vase off the window sill one more time I will be in very big trouble. That’s not the sort of response I was looking for.

Beef jerky

Meanwhile, I’m really kicking myself that I didn’t think of it first. Aristotle has upgraded his demands to do what is required to a piece of beef jerky on each occasion. I’m annoyed that not only did he look on the counter and find the beef jerky in the first place, but also that having done so he worked out how to get offered pieces at regular intervals. Mum has said when it’s run out she won’t be buying anymore as she hates the smell. If Ari goes on strike something tells me she will overcome those feelings pretty quickly.

Big Day

It’s quite a big day today as Mum goes to the hospital and will find out if she can start driving again. More to the point she will find out if she can start walking with us again. She’s told me not to get too excited too soon as she will have to build up slowly. How well does she know me? Of course I’m going to get very excited very quickly – but apparently that might not be helpful.