Normal Day – Monday 13th January 2020

Normal Day

In theory today is a normal day. The first normal day we’ve had for a very long time. It’s not completely normal as Mum isn’t ready to be able to walk all of us yet, but I had loads of exercise over the weekend and played with my friend Bernie so I don’t mind having a quiet day today.

Anyway, when I say normal, Mum has found the courage to try driving a while five miles from home. She drove as far as the pub in the village on Saturday and did a whole two mile round trip yesterday. Today’s ten mile round trip will be quite an achievement for her. Where things stop being normal is that Alfie will go with her. I’m a bit down as I am usually the one who gets bundled into the car for all the outings, but I do understand the reasons.

Two Months

Where today is a special day is that it is Alfie’s 14 years and 2 months birthday. We’re all celebrating him getting this far. He’s really rather proud of the achievement and says he is working on getting to the next month birthday now. We don’t really know how likely that is. Everything Mum has read says that after a lymphoma diagnosis then life expectancy is normally around four weeks and six weeks if you’re lucky. That’s without any particular treatment. It was four weeks ago last Friday that he was taken ill and it’s nearly four weeks since the vet said it was lymphoma. He still seems quite well, so hopefully we have more time with him yet.

Mum is really enjoying being able to spend a lot of quality time with him, but I know she’s going to be very sad when he isn’t here anymore. We all are.



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