Crufts – Tuesday 14th January 2020


Mum has booked for me to be in the showring at Crufts again this year. I’m so excited. I’m not very good at it as I don’t practice when I’m supposed to, but it’s always fun to see all the other dogs and I’m in lovely shape at the moment so I’m rather hoping the judge will be impressed. Mum says I need to stop begging for scraps if I’m going to keep my shape, but I think she’s only kidding. Whoever heard of a dog not begging for scraps? I’m not actually needed to cover the Discover Dogs stand, which feels weird. I think I’m sort of ‘back up’.  Mum said she can’t really make plans very easily at the moment as it all depends on Alfie. He’s going for a check-up with the vet tomorrow so we may have a bit more idea how he’s doing then.

Alfie finding a warm spot yesterday

Power Cuts

One thing living in a village is that our power seems to go off more often than it does for city dogs. Last Saturday was crazy, it seemed to go off and on at random. No sooner had it come back and Mum had reset the dodgy fuse in the fuse box than it went off again and tripped the switch. It wouldn’t be so much of a problem if that were not the circuit with the freezer on it. Mind you, I did offer to help eat the food if that was necessary. There is only so much a human can eat on their own in a short space of time. As it turned out things settled down again so my help was needed.

Happy birds

The garden birds are going to be happy today. Mum has bought some more food for them. She had run out of some of their favourites and with Mum not being able to get about they have had to wait to start being fed regularly again. I presume they have been going to other gardens. I do hope they come back as Mum misses watching them.



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