Going grey – Tuesday 5th May 2020

Going grey

I’m going grey in lots of places and I’m not happy. It was Aristotle who pointed it out. He’s nearly four years older than me and he hasn’t had any of his black fur going grey. Mum says I look like my mama and that’s a good thing as Mama is so beautiful. I don’t mind looking like Mama Susi, but I wasn’t planning to do it just yet. Dad says it’s the stress of having to live with Mum, but I couldn’t possibly comment on that. He says he had a full head of blond hair until he met Mum. What he omitted to point out was that he was also only 20 years old at that point.

Fading differently

Shadow and Aristotle have much lighter coloured brown fur now than they had when they were young. That was how Alfie aged too. It’s only been recently that Shadow has started to go grey on her black fur around her eyes. For me it’s my face and the back of my neck. Where next? Is there a hair dye product suitable for dogs? How would I go about only colouring in the bits that should be black?

Lockdown hair

Talking of hair, Dad wants Mum to cut his hair as he can’t go to a barber. Mum has never cut anyone’s hair in her life, except her own fringe very badly a while ago. She is not keen to try and has got visions of it going horribly long. I said if they could find some scissors to fit a dog paw then I was willing to have a go. Oddly, Dad didn’t seem keen. Which would he rather, Mum who has carpal tunnel syndrome and keeps dropping everything anyway, or a dog who can open her own crate? Not such a daft idea now is it?



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