Counting up – Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Counting up

I’ve been counting up and so far I’ve done fifty Zoom calls on behalf of our breed. I started doing them last April, so it hasn’t even been a year yet. To begin with I was very good and did them willingly. That was for about the first thirty. After that I worked out that as Mum needed me to cooperate I could get something out of it. I’m really enjoying the chews I bargained for. One of them lasts me about twenty minutes. By that stage I’d be chewing Mum’s fingers if she let me carry on chewing it. Then she does try offering me ends of the old chews I didn’t finish, but in my book they’re not good enough. I’ll accept a new chew, or treats, but not an old chew.

Looking ahead

Mum has said that I need to make the most of it as my Zoom call days may be numbered. If restrictions start to ease then it will be possible for prospective owners to start meeting us all in the fur. That’s the bit I really enjoy. I love meeting new people and telling them what we are like. I won’t do all the meeting then though. Lots of my friends help out and take prospective owners for walks to show them the breed. Mum has also said we might actually be able to look forward to fun days again at some point too. Oh that would be so good. I miss my friends. I know it’s hard for humans, but for a dog, not being able to sniff your friends is awful.


Mum has warned me it will be longer before I can start travelling internationally. For one thing at the moment, she wouldn’t be allowed into Switzerland as she doesn’t have the right permit. I suppose I could go on my own, but that wouldn’t be nearly so much fun.

I do hope it won’t be too long.

ps – as you can see from the picture, Shadow is feeling much better.



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