Belgium Flashback – Friday 5th June 2020

Alfie as a puppy
Alfie as a puppy

Belgium flashback

Today I have a Belgium Flashback. I was going to do a Friday Flashback with bits from lots of years. Then I looked back to when Alfie was very small. I just loved this from when he was a puppy. He was clearly having a lot of fun when he was seven months old. He was still living in Belgium back then. This is from 2006.

A Day Out

What a day out it was yesterday. To my surprise it turns out I am quite a small dog compared to other Swiss Mountain Dogs. Have you seen a Great Swiss? Compared to me they are huge. None of them seem to have as much energy as me. I guess if they bounced on people there wouldn’t be much more ‘people’ left to bounce on! My mum was there but none of my brothers and sisters, which was a shame. There were simply lots of Bernese mountain dogs, all beautiful and fluffy. I was glad my coat is as shiny as it is, otherwise I would have been quite envious. They got a bit hot in the sunshine though. Yes, we actually had some sunshine. That will probably be all for a couple of weeks but it was nice whilst it lasted.

Belgium Flashback to Alfie on a walk with other Swiss Mountain Dog breeds
Alfie on the walk in 2006

One Difference

The other thing I noticed was that the bit of me the vet keeps prodding, all the other boys seem to have two of, and in the case of the Great Swiss they are rather large as well, I still only have one and it turns out that isn’t normal. I wonder where the other one has gone and if there is anything I can do about it? My mistress told me I was special when I asked her about it on the way home, but I think she may be covering something up!

Flashback to Fun in the office in Belgium

Every so often in life, you discover a new pleasure and yesterday was one of those special days. I haven’t had so much fun in ages and for once in my life, far from getting into trouble for it, my mistress was actually part of the fun. It turns out that her chair in the office is on wheels. Now I am bigger, my weight is enough to make it move, even with her sitting on it. So there we were, me standing on my hind legs with my front paws on my mistress’s knees, whilst she was sitting on the chair, going round and round the office in fits of laughter.

Every so often we would run into the wall and she would have to move the chair round a bit, but then we would carry on. All would have been well, if my master had not been trying to talk to someone on the phone at the time and he did get just a touch cross with us. When he finished I persuaded him to have a go and he cheered up quite quickly as I wheeled him round.

The only disappointment was that when I said it was my turn to sit on the chair and time for one of them to push, neither of them seemed quite so keen. It would be good to try it somewhere we have got a bit more room, or even with my mistress on her bicycle. It might be wise for her to check out where the local hospital is first though!

 Well that’s all from me today. Have a great Friday.



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