Blown Away – Monday 6th July 2020

Blown away

Well yesterday certainly made sure a few cobwebs were blown away. Mum hates really windy weather, but I don’t mind so much. She has emptied my paddling pool until the weather improves and what was really funny was watching it gradually folding itself up in the wind. It’s far too heavy to blow away but it could certainly be moved along the garden.

We were just pleased that the roses coped ok as they are about to open lots of lovely flowers. Mum would have been very upset if they had suffered much damage. To be fair, we do all enjoy having a good sniff of those.

Life gone wonky

Everything feels very confused in our house at the moment, as I guess it is in a lot of places. Mum was having one of those days of wishing there were some way to get life going back in the right direction. It made me realise that even my role has changed at the moment. In normal times I see my role as being a bit of an assistance dog thing. Obviously not a full-blown real assistance dog, but one that helps Mum to deal with all the things that she hates doing. At the moment as she isn’t going out I’m not having to do so much of that.

I am having to provide some emotional support in the house to Mum, as Shadow is to Dad. We’re pretty good at that. I think we’d all like to see life getting back to something like normal now though.

We look back fondly to 6am on November 28th 2019. That was the last point that life seemed normal. That was when I took Mum for a walk when we were half way to Switzerland last. There we were planning some of the things I could write about when she broke her ankle and the world tipped off its axis. I know I’ve spent too long talking to Mum about writing fiction, but that was the point at which it felt as though we plummeted into a parallel universe. We just can’t find our way back out. Maybe the answer would be to write our way out of it again.



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