Shadow is such a Happy Dog – Monday 24th August 2020

Shadow is such a Happy Dog

Shadow is such a happy dog. To be fair she is a happy dog most of the time. However when Dad comes home she becomes an especially happy dog and goes absolutely bonkers. It’s probably a good job that her heart conditions has stabilised as that much excitement probably wouldn’t be any good for her otherwise. For four whole weeks Shadow is likely to be one big smile, which is a lovely thought. When she smiles she can’t help but make the rest of us happy.

An optimist

There is nothing like being an optimist. “What shall we plan to do next year, Wilma?” Mum asked. I resisted the temptation to say that the way things are looking it would probably be much the same as we’ve done this year. To be honest, I don’t think either of us would be able to face that. Some level of optimism is definitely called for. I don’t think Mum is likely to go as far as booking anything, although there are three things from this year which have moved forward and none of them include me!

Visiting Friends

Tentatively I suggested we should set ourselves a bit of a challenge. I’ve just not decided what it should be. It should definitely include both of us and involve lots of being outdoors. I wondered if I could make a list of all my doggy friends around the country an see just how many we could go to see. I know that might sound selfish on my part, but Mum would enjoy it just as much as me and they do come with humans she likes as well. Given she hasn’t really spent time with anyone for absolutely months, it would make a bit of a change if we could. I’ve already got a map that I’ve marked where all the Entlebuchers in the UK live. That would give me a good starting point.



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