Wanted Body Double – Sunday 27th September 2020

Wanted Body Double

Do you think if I posted an ad saying ‘wanted, body double’ I’d get any takers? Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly happy with the body I’ve got and most of the things I have to do with it. It’s just that if I’m being honest I’m bored doing the Zoom calls. They were fun to begin with, but now when I see Mum sit on the settee in front of the camera I realise I am not going to get her undivided attention. She in turn has asked whether a change of location would keep me interested. ‘What, like my beloved mountain?’ but sadly she was meaning more that we could sit in the lounge. Does she think I can’t tell it’s basically the same thing.

Handsome Boy

Thankfully when I kick off, which I did yesterday right at the start, Mum calls in reinforcements. Shadow came to lend a paw, but bless her, once she has jumped all over Mum in her excitement at helping, she prefers to sit on the floor. Then it’s Aristotle’s turn.

Now, you’re going to think this is really mean of me. Given it’s my own fault that I’m not in the limelight, the least I could do is be generous about Aristotle receiving compliments. However, if that dog comes bouncing out of another Zoom session telling me what a handsome dog everyone thinks he is, I might just tell him what I think. Ok, so he is good looking, but he’s much nicer when he’s modest with it.

 Izzy Update

From Izzy’s progesterone test yesterday, Mum thinks she will be ready to meet her stud dog sometime from the middle of next week. Honestly, from how excited Mum is, you’d think it was me hoping to have puppies rather than Izzy. We’ve all got our paws crossed.



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