House Move – Saturday 2nd January 2021

House Move

I need to tell you about a very important house move. No, don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. It’s the squirrels. A pair of squirrels spent all day yesterday going to and fro gathering twigs to build a drey and they’re doing it right here in our garden. Now, the first interesting thing is that unlike birds who take dead twigs, the squirrels kept gnawing through small twigs which were still attached to the trees. They then ran to the top of the tree they’re building in before coming back for more.


We are guessing they are building it for themselves and you don’t get developers in the squirrel world. You might wonder why I even had that thought. I was imagining how they would advertise the drey – ‘Highly desirable family property, sheltered from the wind and with a ready supply of food on the doorstep.’ These squirrels are not stupid, they are building high up in the tree which has the squirrel feeder attached to it. They have their very own corner shop.

Before they started building the two had spent a couple of hours running to the feeder, opening the lid and having a nut each. They would go up the tree to eat them and drop the shells down, then come back for another.

Bad news

They aren’t going to be quite so happy with their choice today. Mum has run out of walnuts. She has put in an order for supplies but they will have to go without for a day or two. When I say go without, that’s more make do with peanuts, hazelnuts and a squirrel mix. They aren’t going to go hungry! The problem arose because of the third squirrel that has moved into the garden. Mum gives them one walnut a day each. She hadn’t budgeted for the increased numbers. I’m pleased to say that she has factored that into her new order.



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