Driving Mum Mad – Monday 8th February 2021

Shadow napping

Driving Mum Mad

Yesterday, I spent all day driving Mum mad. I kept asking her how we were going to make my snow dog if we got enough snow. She was very patient with me. She went round the garden and cleared up everything she could find that we wouldn’t want to roll into a snowball. There was just one tiny problem. We didn’t have enough snow. The best we got was snow in the air and very little settling. I haven’t been outside yet today but I’m really really hoping there might be enough now. All I will need to do then is work out how to get Mum to leave her desk on a work day and come outside to help me instead.

Shadow’s New Toy

After her initial reluctance, Shadow has decided her new toy is great. She is now asking to use it at every meal and wants Mum to time her to see how long she takes to get all the treats. The problem with Shadow is that if she can’t win fairly, she cheats. On her first attempt when being timed she took the top off and emptied it out the easy way. On her second attempt, she presented it back to Mum still with two pieces of food in it. Mum has said she won’t try timing her until Shadow promises to do it properly. I suspect that’s the end of that idea.

The week ahead

The most exciting thing in the diary for the week ahead is a trip to the vet for Ari and Shadow. I almost wish I needed to go as it would be somewhere different to go. It’s nothing serious, they are both due some vaccinations, so I guess they probably wish it was me going too. Actually, I’m wrong. The most exciting thing is that Mum has ordered a new duvet for the bed. It will stop us arguing about me taking all the covers. Honestly, you’d think she’d be grateful that I was there to keep her warm, but she does nothing but complain.



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