Wrong type of fruit – Monday 10th May 2021

Wrong type of fruit

I’m very worried that Mum and Dad are looking at the wrong type of fruit. When we all move house, they’ve got it into their heads that they want to make cider. Cider apples aren’t ones I’m going to be as happy to eat straight from the tree and I’m guessing they won’t want me drinking the finished product. I love helping myself to the eating apples, especially when I’m on a diet. Obviously I want Mum to plant a green gauge tree again. I’m the only one who eats those, so I get them all to myself. Ari is asking for another blackberry and Shadow just wants more duck poo. That could of course be why she’s got a funny tummy!

Taking it seriously

Dad does not do anything by half measures. Mind you, neither does Mum. The whole cider thing was her idea as something he could do when he decides to retire. It is now becoming an all consuming passion which could be a good thing from our point of view. It’s going to mean a lot of time outdoors and that’s something we can all buy into. Dad’s reading up on the best trees to use and we are all in favour of trees. Ari likes them for peeing. I like them for chasing squirrels. I think Shadow likes trees but it’s hard to tell.


Every house Mum has owned the first thing she has planted has been a cherry tree. She sometimes wonders if she could go and check they are all still there. She’s already planning what she plant and we haven’t even sold our house yet or bought one to move to. At least it is making the idea of moving sound fun to all of us. Now we just have to be patient.




  1. We once had a Dalmatian who ate apples straight from the tree – his record was around 20 in one sitting – he was very unwell afterwards! The cider sounds like a great idea.

    • I think I might be a cider sort of a girl, if I’m given the chance. Humans seem to have this whole ‘not suitable for dogs’ thing going when it comes to alcohol. How exactly is it suitable for you and not me?
      I think even by our standards 20 apples at one go sounds a lot! I’m impressed
      Love Wilma

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