Poor Izzy – Tuesday 18th May 2021

Poor Izzy

Poor Izzy. I feel so sad for her. She had her scan yesterday and it turns out she isn’t pregnant. She’s tried so hard at both of her last two seasons with no luck. It’s worse than that. Three seasons ago she was supposed to have travelled to mate, but that was when all the first lockdown restrictions started. The very day she was supposed to be travelling to Belgium everything stopped. Poor old Izzy, things are not going her way and it’s so unfair. We’d just like to send her lots of love and sniffs and tell her we’re thinking of her.

Hard work

Dog breeding is such hard work when you do everything properly. There are all these strays who manage to have puppies but not us. There we are, having all our health tests and all the special care we get to make sure we’re really fit and healthy. Then many of us don’t manage to have puppies for one reason or another, like me with my heart murmur. Anyway, we’re just hoping that Izzy will try again at her next season and find fourth time lucky. I do hope she has some fun in the meantime though, it’s hard going through the disappointment so now it’s time she let her fur down for a while.

Wet dog

I’m finding with all this rain there seems to be a permanent smell of wet dog everywhere I go. It may actually be me of course, as it does seem to follow me around. I’m ready for a bit of sunshine and Shadow certainly says it makes her old bones feel better when it’s sunny. Maybe today won’t be quite so wet, but I’m not counting on it. I might just have to get used to the smell instead.



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