Sharing a bed – Friday 8th October 2021

Sharing a bed

Please don’t tell anyone but I’ve started sharing a bed with Aristotle. I don’t think it would be good for my reputation if it got out. It wasn’t my idea, but I didn’t object. I was in the big bed and Ari just sidled up to me and snuggled up. It wasn’t so bad really and we stayed snuggled up for quite some time. I don’t suppose he and Shadow will ever get into the same bed.

No sharing a bed for Ari and Shadow

Ari and Shadow actually had a big argument yesterday and Mum had to get very cross with Aristotle for forgetting how old Shadow is. She was shaking after the encounter. Oh I know it probably serves her right for how she treated him when he was a puppy, but he should be bigger than that. I find keeping the moral high ground is much more satisfying than sinking to the level of bad behaviour you’ve encountered.

Rabies vaccination

I’m off to the vet for my rabies vaccination this morning. We need to get them to put it into my Swiss passport, so that I can travel without all the rigmarole of the forms an English dog has to do. I’ve had two passports in recent years, but with Brexit I’ve had to make a choice and I’ve chosen to be Swiss. It makes things so much easier. I know that might sound crazy, but I can still travel under the simpler rules being Swiss and that will save a lot of hassle. Not all vets understand that we can do that, so we’re hoping our vet here understands.

Dry weather

The dry weather is great as we can do lots of the work in the garden that needs doing. Both Mum and Dad want to spend a lot of time outside this weekend and we’re going to help. Dad is clearing away some rotten fallen apples and Mum is filling the vegetable troughs with soil. I think Mum wants to organise her shed and greenhouse too. The great thing is that Mum and Dad have their own sheds so they don’t need to argue over what goes where. They don’t need to – but I’m sure they will still find opportunities to disagree. I’m going to act as referee!



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