Puppy hunt – Friday 3rd September 2021

Puppy hunt

We went on a puppy hunt earlier in the week. What happened was that when we arrived at our walking place, there was a family absolutely frantic as they’d lost their spaniel puppy. Poor little Jesse had managed to run off still attached to her blue lead. We armed ourselves with treats and Aristotle’s lead and set off into the wood. When searching for a lost puppy, listening is just as important as calling. Of course, a dog that is happily running around might well come to you when called. However, if a dog has got stuck somewhere, especially if still attached to a lead and in thick undergrowth, then it is quite likely it won’t be able to free itself to run.

Sniffing and Listening

I went around sniffing. I didn’t know Jesse, but I guessed she’d be frightened and I might be able to sniff out her fear. Mum was calling her name and then listening to see if she replied. On the bright side, we walked around some different paths in the wood and found some good spots for photographs. We’re planning to go back with Mum’s good camera to see if we can get even better pictures.

As it turned out, we heard Jesse calling at the same time as her family who were coming from the other direction. Puppy and family were reunited and all parties were sincerely happy and relieved – as were we. We didn’t like the thought of poor little Jesse being lost for very long.

Long walk

I did get quite a long walk out of the search as Mum and I went up and down all the paths we could find. Mind you, we had a long walk the following day too, but that was because Mum became disorientated and kept going the wrong way. I did tell her at one point that she needed to go the other way, but you just can’t argue with her when she thinks she’s right. She did apologise to me later, so I guess that’s something.



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