Wish I were there – Sunday 12th September 2021

Wish I were there

Oh, I wish I were there to go to the new house today instead of Shadow. Even as well as Shadow. I know she’s only going to sit in the car, but she could go for a walk. There is the lovely lane opposite if she wants to do that. The resident elderly dog will be home so it wouldn’t be fair to him for our crotchety old dog to go inside. You know what Shadow can be like and she’s never good with strangers at the best of times. Mind you, her voice isn’t what it was and when she roos it’s more funny than scary now.

List of questions

Mum has a list of things she wants to find out ahead of moving in. I’ve been thinking about the things I want to know, such as: Where will be the sunniest spots to put our beds? Will the current ramp be ok for Shadow to use for the four steps down to the lounge? Which cupboard will the biscuits be kept in?

Mum says these can all wait, although I don’t see why the questions she’s come up with are more urgent. She says we can work out the answers to my questions when we move in, as well as deciding which doorways will have dog gates on them. Honestly, I thought it was about time we were given free run of the house, but it seems we see that differently too.

Ari’s Questions

Ari, bless him, has completely different questions. He wants to know where his crate is going. He loves his crate. Even though Mum has said she’d like us all to sleep in the bedroom, as that’s now on the ground floor, he’s worried because he likes to go to bed much earlier than the rest of us and wants somewhere he can do that where he won’t be disturbed by us all later. Mum has promised that they can look at it together as soon as he moves in.



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