A guide to herbs by Aristotle – Monday 22nd August 2022

A guide to herbs by Aristotle

I’m making a start on A Guide to Herbs by Aristotle. My namesake was more known for his philosophy than his gardening, so I thought it would give me a bit of an angle. I asked Mum to come out with me yesterday to take some photographs, but as you’ll see Wilma and Shadow kept insisting on photo-bombing my shots. Can’t a boy even have a photo shoot in peace?

Anyway, I won’t be able to cover all the herbs in one go. My paws can’t type for so long at a time these days. I shall have to tell you about a few at a time.

C is for Comfrey

I’ve put in four comfrey plants. They are grown from plugs rather than seeds and are a special variety which won’t take over. Comfrey has a bit of a mind of its own if you aren’t careful. The comfrey will make my organic fertiliser for all the rest of the crops. We use seaweed too, but I can’t grow that. The other problem with seaweed is that, just as with the bone meal for the roses, we dogs tend to want to dig it back up and eat it. Mum gets very annoyed when we give in to temptation on that score.

The plants will need to get a lot bigger before I can take off enough leaves to make my fertiliser with. I didn’t think they were going to survive the hot weather, but thankfully with some careful watering they did.

R is for Rosemary

I’m a dog, I don’t need my alphabet to be in the same order as you humans. Next up is the rosemary. This I am growing for lots of reasons. Firstly, it has the same name as Mum. Secondly, Mum loves the smell of it and uses it in cooking. Thirdly, I would joke and say I can’t remember number three, but thanks to the rosemary I can, as it’s very good for the memory. Finally, and the reason we have it growing around the patio and near the doors to the house, it is a wonderful natural insect repellent.

Mum is also going to use some of it in the shampoo she is going to be making. She’s just waiting for an airtight jar to be delivered so she has somewhere to keep it once it’s mixed.

That’s your lot for now, but I’ve still got lots more to tell you about when Wilma gives me the chance.

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