Out of Here – Wednesday 15th September 2021


Out of here

Today, I’m out of here. I’m going back with Mum and for the foreseeable future I shall be staying by her side. That’s just as life is meant to be. I do feel a little bit bad for the others, but not so bad as to be willing to swap places. And much as I know it will be Aristotle’s 10th birthday on Sunday, I did have my birthday in kennels this year and it was quite good fun. Anyway, for me, there are just another few hours. I do have to make a trip to the vet on my way back for my annual vaccinations, but that has to be a small price to pay for my freedom.


I have such plans for the next few days. I simply have to go to the wood Mum and I had taken to walking in. I’ve missed it. Mum says she has too. She did think of taking Shadow but Shadow prefers to walk on the flat as much as possible and the ground there is quite uneven. To be fair, I think the rest may have been better for Mum, but it really is time she started to get some fresh air again. I hope she’s got her waterproofs ready as if it is anything like yesterday, she’s going to need them.


Mum has also said I need to do some work to repair the image of our breed with the horse where we are staying. Sadly for him, he met Shadow and it didn’t go well. There the poor chap was, trying to say hello, as politely as any horse could. There was Shadow actually snapping at his nose. The poor chap was unimpressed and although Mum apologised profusely, she says that I need to do my bit as well. I don’t have much experience with horses, but I’m willing to try.