Tired just watching – Sunday 26th September 2021

Tired just watching

Well I was tired just watching Mum and Dad yesterday. It is great having them both around, but I’d much rather they would just go for a walk with me or sit and have a cuddle. We have now met all our immediate neighbours and they’re lovely. I’m afraid I barked at next door’s children, but they didn’t bat an eyelid, so they’ve passed my test.

We went over and collected the rest of our things from where we were staying before we got the house. Mum said she thought she’d picked up everything, then I pointed out she’d left my bed. I was really sorry not to see Pickle and Molly to say goodbye, but I left them a p-mail instead.


We are spending a lot of time sitting outdoors. Dad is quarantining again. He doesn’t have to, but because of the risk to Mum they are doing their best. They want to do things together so there’s a fair amount of mask wearing and great deal of time spent outside or with windows open. We’re planning to do the same again today. There is rain forecast after that so it will become more difficult.

Today I’m going to assist in building the wheelbarrow and putting together the new lawnmower. It’s a tough job, but it certainly beats unpacking boxes. I’m not sure if Mum or Dad plan to use either of them once their built. I was thinking maybe they could let me use the wheelbarrow as a chariot to test it out. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind pushing me round in it for a bit of fun.


Is there a name for someone who doesn’t like flies? I really don’t like them. It’s all that buzzing. I don’t mean I just would prefer they weren’t there. I mean I get really wound up and stressed if there’s one about. Mum tells me to pull myself together and I’m not being rational. It’s only like she is with spiders, so I don’t know how she thinks she’s got the right to point out my oddities and tell me I’m wrong.



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