Worn out – Sunday 10th October 2021

Aristotle makes his feelings known

Worn out

By the end of yesterday we were all worn out. We followed Mum as she did some mowing with their new electric mower. For some odd reason she wanted to clear up some of the things we’d been rolling in. A shame, but there you go. There is a sit on mower on order, so Mum was only doing some of the smaller areas. Anyway, then we followed her as she moved things between sheds, unpacked boxes and built some shelving. She said we could follow Dad for a while and stop getting under her feet, but where’s the fun in that?

Shadow can’t keep up

Shadow gave up following Mum first and went and sat inside next to the bags of dog food, waiting to be fed. Ari and I kept going, but even we’d had enough before Mum and Dad were ready to come in.

We’re going to do much the same again today. Now Mum’s little shed has some shelves in, she can move lots of stuff that’s in boxes out to fill them. It all seems a bit of a pointless exercise to a dog, but I guess we do thing that seem odd to humans too.

Living his best life

Ari says that he really does feel he’s living his best life. Out of all of us, I think he’s gained most by the house move. He is so happy to be able to spend all day and night with Mum. I do feel my nose is a little out of joint as I don’t get the special time of just Mum and me at the moment and I’m missing it. I talked to Mum about that yesterday and she said she’d need to give it some thought. She is trying to get her head around a trip to Switzerland and that would just be the two of us, so that would be good, I just don’t know quite when.



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