An apple a day – Tuesday 23rd November 2021

An apple a day

It turns out an apple a day might be fine for me and Aristotle, but is not so good for Shadow. Mum has asked her not to eat them, but of course Shadow is partially deaf and chose not to hear the request. Now she’s got a poorly tummy and says she really doesn’t feel great. Two days running she hasn’t wanted any breakfast and she was a little bit sick too. It’s the wind that’s the biggest problem if you’re around her. I think Mum is going to take her out on her lead for a few days so that she can’t make the problem worse. Shadow is none too impressed. She says at her age she ought to be able to make her own choices. Mum said at her age she ought to have learnt what’s bad for her.

Out unsupervised

Mum is going out unsupervised this morning. I always worry about her when I can’t be there to keep an eye on her. She has to go to the optician in Stratford-upon-Avon to collect her new glasses. She has absolutely no idea of where she is going as she hasn’t been into Stratford since we moved here, at least not to the place itself. In the past when she’s visited it has been as a tourist and it doesn’t matter so much if you get lost then. I did offer to go with her, but she wasn’t sure I’d be much use except to keep her calm. Let’s be honest, I don’t always do a good job of that. I’m going to sit and wait by the window watching for her coming back.

Cleaning windows

Actually, we’re getting into trouble for sitting by the windows with our noses pressed to the glass. It has taken Mum ages to go round and clean all the windows and she has to do the ones by the front door almost every day because of us. She says if we don’t start cooperating then she will have them filled in so we can’t see, but I don’t believe her.



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  1. I enjoy an apple a day Wilma. Hope your mum gets on okay today. Have a lovely day all. ?????????

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