Arguments – Wednesday 24th November 2021


Aristotle and I have been having one or two arguments. Mum really isn’t impressed. To be honest I think we’re all up to our tolerance level of strange things happening. Moving house has caught up with all of us. We are affected by events but we’re affected by Mum’s stress too. We’ve had so many strange people coming to the house and so many deliveries. It’s just reached the point where we all need a bit of a break from it. Mum has said there’s not a lot she can do immediately, but when Dad goes to Switzerland next she has promised we’re going to have eight days of holiday. There will be no deliveries, no workmen, no meetings for Mum, nothing. She is going to lock the front door and shut the world out for a week.

One exception

She says the one exception to that is what Grandpa needs. He’s had to have an operation for a broken hip and although he’s getting better she doesn’t know if he will be home by then or not. Anyway, she says that apart from that we can all start to think about how we want to spend the time. Ari has already put his paw up for days snuggled up in bed. I said I’d like lots of time doing things outdoors. I’m sure we can manage some of both. I think it will do all of us good to unwind a little bit. Of course, it will be a shame that Dad won’t be part of it, but I can understand why Mum wants as few people to look after as possible for that time.


Today is fences day. The fences between us and the sheep fields will be higher by the end of the day and Mum needn’t worry that there’s any risk of me going visiting. I’ve shown no real interest, not in the sheep at least. I’m more interested in the foxes and squirrels if we’re being honest, but they are sometimes in the same field as the sheep so I understand the point.




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