Remember Me? – Saturday 5th March 2022

Remember me?

Hi, everyone – remember me? It’s Aristotle here. I’m getting pretty fed up with Wilma never letting me write the diary anymore. Power seems to have gone to her head. I decided it was time to fight back. I’d like to say ‘don’t take that literally’. If truth be told I may have literally fought back a bit yesterday. We were outside helping with Shadow’s new fence and it all got a bit boisterous. No one got hurt. Mum did have to ask us to tone it down a little. In fairness, Wilma and I can play rough and tumble quite safely, it’s when Shadow gets in the middle of us that it becomes a problem.

The fence

Anyway, I think we did a pretty good job of helping with the fence. We haven’t put it all around the pond but just the parts that Shadow was most at risk of going in. Shadow has begrudgingly agreed it’s a good idea. I’m please, as we put in a lot of effort for her. Mum says we may have to do more around the sides but she’s going to see how it goes before deciding.

Weekend plans

Mum’s taking Granny to visit Grandpa today. It means we won’t get an afternoon in the garden, but there’s rain forecast so I’m planning a nap instead. Tomorrow, I really want Mum to help me finish digging out where we’re going to plant the herbs. I want us to plant some seeds too. To be fair, you’d think we could do the seed planting in the rain as we’ll be in the greenhouse. Sadly like pretty much everything around here, the greenhouse leaks. Mum is trying to decide just how much work there would be to renovate it or whether to replace it completely. We’ve never had a proper greenhouse before so we want to be able to enjoy it properly.

I’m off to cause mayhem. Have a great day




  1. Hi Ari, lovely to hear from you after all this time. Us boys must stick together and not let the girls take over!! I have had a busy day. We went to see Ruby and Mollie (the grandchildren) this morning. We stopped at Pets at Home first to top up with goodies for me. They went to the Canary Islands for half term. They had a lovely time in the sun. I like going to their house as they always give me a treat if I am a good boy. I have been for my walk in the woods, it is jolly cold and breezy here. Time for a nap.
    Send my love to everyone and I hope your Grandpa is getting better. Love from us all, your mate Dickens X woof, woof!

    • Boys! I’ve taken the keyboard back from your brother. He was getting ideas above his station. Glad you’re having fun. Make the most of those treats.
      Love Wilma

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