A Snowy Surprise – Sunday 28th November 2021

A snowy surprise

Well yesterday was a snowy surprise. It’s funny how different we see it to Mum. I was so excited while she was more focussed on not slipping. I don’t think her slippers were quite up to it first thing yesterday. She went inside muttering something about buying some rock salt to put down. I wasn’t much interested until she said if she used it she would need to wash our paws every time we went in and out so we didn’t end up with salty paws. Being England the snow didn’t last, but I made the most of it and ran around like a complete loony.

I did say to Mum that it was probably her fault that the weather was bad. If she hadn’t bought a pair of winter boots that haven’t yet had chance to be delivered, it would have been fine. I can assure you that once the boots arrive then the weather will warm up again, you can be sure of it.

Christmas progress

We’re making progress with the Christmas decorations. We almost went on strike when Mum inflicted Christmas music on us. Moose now has his hat on and you’ll be pleased to know that our stockings are up. You may not surprised to know that Mum didn’t fancy going outside putting up any of the lights yesterday. She’s hoping the weather is better this week as there are a lot of lights to put up and the village lights switch on is next weekend.

I really want Mum to get on to the best bit from my point of view which is baking. She says if I’m lucky I can help her to do some baking when she takes holiday in December. I’m going to look for some dog biscuit recipes so that we can all get involved.




  1. I hope you are right about the warmer weather once the boots have arrived, it is far to cold for dog walking!

    • You can rely on it. You will know they’ve arrived just as soon as the weather warms up.

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