The arrival of the tree – Friday 2nd December 2021

The arrival of the tree

Yesterday marked the arrival of the tree. Not just any tree of course, but the Christmas tree. It hasn’t actually been decorated yet, that’s a job for today, but it has arrived. Mum rang the place that was selling them and sorted out what she wanted so she could simply go and pick it up without human interaction. Isn’t it sad when the world has come to this? But at least it’s here and we can all enjoy it together. Mum is very partial to having a real Christmas tree and we’re certainly not going to argue with that one. I don’t think she’s absolutely sure where to stand it, but we can worry about that later. We can probably walk under it and she will have to go around it.


The fencing also arrived yesterday, along with the winter boots, the salt bin and salt. You can now be certain that the weather will warm up, but only after Mum has frozen making the fence secure. The funny thing with having so many deliveries to home, rather than going shopping, is the cardboard. As soon as Mum puts some cardboard out for recycling more appears. I think she’d better stop buying anything until it’s all gone. As a dog, I don’t suppose I should complain as it does all mean Mum has more time at home with us. Mind you, at this time of year I’d normally go out with her and sit in the car while she does things. All that seems to very long ago now. I wonder if life will ever go back to the way it was.

Dad has snow

Dad is back in Switzerland for a short while and he says there’s snow there. He has to quarantine for ten days, but he can at least go into the garden to build a snowman if he wants to. He won’t want to, but he might play outside with his little snow blower, even if he can’t go out anywhere.