The best of winter – Thursday 6th January 2022

The best of winter

These are the best of winter days. When the sky is a little blue and the air is crisp and still. Oh don’t get me wrong, I like every type of weather and am never put off. However on days like this Mum likes spending much more time outside. Other than the hole in the ground, which I started and now Shadow has become obsessed with, everything is right with the world. Mum has taken down almost all the lights and has started talking to Aristotle about the gardening they will do. They have so many plans I almost want to lend a paw and be constructive. It is too early for seed planting but there is lots of tidying up to do.


There are some lovely primroses flowering. I should correct that, there are some very nibbled looking primroses flowering. They did look good before we checked if they tasted right for primroses and I can confirm they do. Mum took it well and said it reminded her of when Shadow was a puppy and ate all the primroses in the garden tubs and spoiled them all. She is quite sure that Shadow is now having a second puppyhood. I’m less convinced as she’s not as much fun as a puppy.

Three more sleeps

There’s just three more sleeps to our Christmas Day. Can you tell I’m excited? I’m arranging the party games. I do hope the humans will share my taste in playing. We’re starting with chase and following it with my favourite ‘biscuit catch’. Mum’s not very good at catching but that suits my purposes very well. I did offer to be in charge of catering but for reasons I just don’t understand Mum didn’t think that was such a good idea. She can be a real killjoy.



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