Wildlife crime – Monday 17th January 2022

Wildlife crime

When I say wildlife crime, I’m not talking here about crimes against wildlife but crimes they have committed. If it weren’t for the fact this time it’s the squirrels they’d be in big trouble. I’ve already told you that the rabbits are trying to reduce our tree population and action is being taken to prevent further damage. Now it’s the turn of the squirrels to be naughty.

Mum has been very generous. She has put bird food out for the birds and separate feeders with squirrel food especially for the squirrels. The squirrels have other ideas. It’s not what you’re thinking – well, only partly. The squirrels have not yet touched their own food. And yes, they are trying to get the peanuts out of the bird feeder, but we were expecting that.

Coconut shells

In broad daylight, in full view, the squirrels have been removing and running off with the coconut shells filled with suet and seed. Mum put five out for the birds and was thoroughly enjoying seeing the blue tits and other birds helping themselves. It became quite a hive of activity very quickly. Mum checked on everything yesterday morning and they were only a little eaten so she didn’t need to put more out.

It was me that highlighted the problem yesterday afternoon. When I say highlighted, that may be a little misleading. I did not come running in pointing a paw and saying the squirrels were stealing the coconuts. It was more a case of them having left one on the floor and me trying to hide it in my mouth to bring into the house for later. Firstly I was reprimanded but then Mum realised there was no way I could have got them down off the feeder and the hanger had been chewed through. Mum checked on the camera that covers the garden and sure enough at 3.21 yesterday afternoon there was an organised raid on the bird feeding station when one after another were removed and the run off with.

As it was the squirrels Mum just let them off. She now needs to work out how she can leave fat balls for the birds without them being stolen.

Update on Shadow

Shadow was up three times in the night coughing, but didn’t collapse, which is some sort of improvement. Mum is going to see how she is today and decide whether to take her to the vet.

What was funny was the Shadow actually ended up having two baths the other day. The first one to get her clean and the second one to get rid of the smell of the first shampoo that it turned out Mum was very badly allergic too. She was starting to think she’d developed a very bad cold until she realised it started when she bathed Shadow. As soon as Shadow was washed again with Mum’s shampoo the problem completely disappeared. Shadow was not impressed!



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