Only flurries – Friday 1st April 2022

Only flurries

We had only flurries of snow yesterday. I was so disappointed, having seen pictures of one of our favourite places where we used to live and they’d got proper snow. I so wanted to be there, leaving my pawprints in fun patterns and seeing which of my friends’ pawprints were already there. Despite the fact there wasn’t any lying on the ground here, Mum refused to do any grass cutting. She said it was far too cold to have to cut the lawn. I don’t think the lawn has got the message as it doesn’t seem to think it’s too cold to grow.

At home

On the bright side, if it’s cold and snowy Dad will feel more at home. It will be just like when he’s away in Switzerland. Maybe he won’t mind going outside with me in the cold weather as I have to say, Mum really didn’t seem that keen. She says she’s not keen on wind-chill. I said if she stayed lower to the ground then she might not feel it so much, but she wouldn’t be persuaded.

Getting ready

Today we have to help get things ready for Dad. Normally Mum does that ahead of the day he gets home, but with the moths she decided it was best to do it just before his arrival. Shadow keeps asking if he’s here yet and looking disappointed when Mum tells her, yet again, that he won’t arrive until this evening. By the time he gets here, Shadow will have worn herself out asking.

Garden birds

Mum is getting back to watching the birds in the garden. At the moment we’re all enjoying watching blue tits which are nesting in a box right outside our garden room window. Then yesterday a new friend arrived in the form of a green woodpecker. He was very happy to wait, helping himself to some ants, while Mum went to fetch the camera.



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