Thank you Mr Fox – Wednesday 13th April 2022

Thank you Mr Fox

Ari and I would like to say ‘thank you Mr Fox’. He has been very kindly digging the apples out of the compost heap and leaving enough for us. Mum is less thrilled by the amount of clearing up she’s having to do after him, but these things can’t be helped. We had a look on the camera and he seems to spend quite a lot of the night in our back garden. I’ve asked if I can go out to meet him, but Mum has really put her foot down on that one.

Worrying about the ducks

Mum is more concerned that Mr Fox and Mr and Mrs Duck may not be a good combination. Mum has been enjoying watching the ducks on the pond and would be very upset if Mr Fox saw them as a meal opportunity. She has come up with one of her bonkers ideas. She is going to provide Mr and Mrs Duck with a floating duck house to keep them safe at night. As long as it floats in the middle of the pond then they should be perfectly safe. I do hope they appreciate the lengths Mum is prepared to go to on their behalf.

Visiting friend

If things go to plan, one of our friends will be visiting us in the garden on Saturday. I am so excited. I haven’t been able to invite any of my friends round to play for so long. His name is Flynn and he’s very handsome. Ari and Shadow will probably stay indoors while he’s here, but I shall get to see him. He was born in Switzerland too. His mama lives with my sister Tosca, which almost makes him family. I can’t wait to show our garden to him. I do hope he likes it.