So excited – Tuesday 26th April 2022

So Excited

We are all so excited. I know this is a bad photo but I took it from a long way away. It was the first time one of the ducks has been back in the pond since we delivered their house. Then yesterday things got even better. Mrs Duck was sitting on the house’s veranda. She was quite content preening herself. I think she was probably feeling pretty happy to have such a nice house offered to her. She hasn’t actually moved in yet, but it’s a very exciting start. Mum did some more pond clearing yesterday which we’re hoping they’ll appreciate too.

Rain needed

We’re a bit worried that it hasn’t rained for a while and the water level of the pond is going down. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as filling it up from the tap. Mum was reading about what to do and it wouldn’t be good to put water in without getting rid of some of the chemicals first. The best solution is to discover a natural spring or to have rainwater adding to it. Ari and I are going to dig in search of a spring later.

Bird murder

Something is killing some of our garden birds. Mum is very upset about it and has asked us to investigate. She’s found parts of bird bodies that look as though they were attacked and killed rather than having died of natural causes. There was just a wing in the parsnip trough. At least this one was past being recognisable. Mum was more upset at the one she could identify the day before. She thinks it may be the bigger birds committing the crime but they are keeping silent on the subject. I know it’s called a murder of crows when they are in a group, but I hope they aren’t taking it literally.