You have to love Shadow – Friday 6th May 2022

You have to love Shadow

Well, you have to love Shadow and yesterday was definitely one of those days. Shadow is largely deaf. However we do know she can hear some sounds in lower registries. It means she can hear Dad’s voice but not Mum’s – or at least to some extent. Yesterday, Mum had a work conference call with a number of men. Two of whom had deeper voices. When they spoke, Shadow got very excited and ran to the front door woofing, because she thought Daddy must be there. It was heart breaking. Mum had to leave what she was doing to give a very disappointed Shadow a cuddle. After that, Shadow had to sit in the other room so she couldn’t hear the voices. It made Mum feel very sad for her.

Outdoor day

Mum says she wants an outdoor day today. That suits me rather well although as you can see from the photo of the other day, the old dears just can’t stand the pace and were lying down on the job. To be fair, Ari had just planted up several trays of seeds and Shadow spends most of the time asleep these days. One of the problems we are having is that just a small amount of rain is enough for our garden to set off on its own rewilding project. Mum is trying to curb the worst excesses of the weeds as they are trying to choke the plants she is trying to grow. It’s a full-time job, but that suits me as it means lots of lovely time outdoors.

Much as I criticise Ari, he is quite excited as his lavender seeds are coming through. As are the sorrel, borage and dill. I asked him what he was going to do with those last three and he said he has no idea, but its still fun to grow them.



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