All Worn Out – Saturday 7th May 2022

All Worn Out

By the end of yesterday we were all worn out. This gardening lark is hard work. I was mainly watching, but even that was tiring. Mum only sat down when she had to rewind strimmer wire onto the reel because she’d run out. She told us to stay well away when she was strimming, which gave us a good excuse to go off and do other things. I want one of those things that measures how far I walk during a day. Mum’s said she’d done 28.5km and she didn’t run around like a loon.

We’re planning to do more of the same today, although I’m having to be patient as Mum wanted a lie in first. She wants to sort out some of the front garden, so disappointingly we won’t be able to help with that, but she’s promised she won’t spend all day doing that.

My rabies vaccination

Mum has sorted out with the vet to get a record of my rabies vaccination. That’s a great relief to me. I had visions of having to have it all again. I shall probably have to have another while I’m in Switzerland so it can go in my Swiss passport so I really didn’t want to have another one now as well. That would really have been too much. Now we need to sort booking for me to be issued with the Animal Health Certificate that I will need to travel. It’s all so complicated. I just want to be back to having my passport. I knew what I was doing then. At least I’ll be back to having a lovely red Swiss passport, all being well. It’s so much nicer and far more exclusive than the blue ones.

I’m getting very excited about going. I want to see Mama Susie so much.