A Lovely Day Yesterday – Sunday 3rd July 2022

A Lovely Day Yesterday

Shadow had a lovely day yesterday. She met Mum’s great-nephew and felt really special being included in proceedings. Ari and I were a bit fed up to be left out, but to be honest after how we’d behaved in the morning we deserved it. Ari has been grumpy because his leg has been hurting. I was just feeling a bit barky because Mum has been a bit stressed. Anyway, we both ended up having a go at Shadow and you can’t believe how much trouble we were in. Actually, that’s not true, you probably can believe how much trouble we were in and it was a lot.

It all meant that we pretty much deserved to spend a couple of hours out of the way thinking about our bad behaviour while we had visitors in the house.

Letting off steam

Once they’d gone we were ready to let off steam. Mum and Dad started gardening as soon as the rain stopped and didn’t even come back in when it restarted. We helped. They were taking away a tree that was growing out of nowhere and wrapping itself around the trunk of one of the apple trees. To begin with, we were going up and down the garden with Mum as she took away the pieces that Dad cut off. Then Dad started shredding and we helped Mum as she cut away the smaller pieces and the ivy. She was really weird. She talked to the tree the whole time and stroked its trunk as though it could actually feel what was going on. She seemed to think it was sighing with relief at being able to breathe properly again.

Plum tree

This is where Mum and I are going to fall out. There’s a plum tree, two actually, which are in the way of the apple trees as well as being a bit of a mess. Mum is going to arrange to have some of the branches cut away. She says they are not of great value. I beg to differ. I love plums. I was planning to eat them all myself. I used to in our old house, but it doesn’t look as though I’m going to have the same opportunity here. I suppose I shouldn’t complain as I do get an awful lot of apples.



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