Falk vom Kornried -Thursday 2nd April 2020

Falk vom Kornried

It is with very great sadness that I have to tell you my dear friend Falk vom Kornried died on Tuesday. Falk was one of my walking buddies in Switzerland and is the father of Shadow’s third litter of puppies. Mum absolutely adored him as he reminded her of Alfie. He was a very handsome dog and a real gentleman. I’d like to send all my love and licks to his humans and his housemate, Megan. Mum and I are both very sad. 

Falk and Megan last November

Mum’s being feeling sad about Alfie too. When she couldn’t sleep she got up and went downstairs to sit near Alfie’s ashes and talk to him. Thankfully she said she didn’t need me so I kept the bed warm for when she got back.

Ari improving

Ari is a lot more cheerful. I don’t suppose his antibiotics are really working yet, but he says he is benefitting from the painkillers so he can at least put his paw to the ground. He didn’t fall over once yesterday, which is a definite improvement. It’s going to be some while before both his legs are better, but at least it’s a start. Now he’s more cheerful he has said he wants to try the crime scene challenge. The problem is that Mum has put him on a diet as he’s doing so little exercise and had put some weight on as a result. She doesn’t want him eating lots of extra treats and much as he promises to leave them all alone – we’re Entlebuchers and far too devious to be trusted on something like that.

Countdown to seeing Dad

I’m starting my countdown to seeing Dad when he’s allowed out of isolation on Monday. I think Mum s quite looking forward to it too. I don’t know which is most exciting the fact that I’ll see him or the fact that there’ll be steak for tea.