I was brave – Wednesday 6th July 2022

I was brave

I was brave at the vet yesterday. Mum is getting to know the vet here a little more, but I haven’t been so much. I was quite calm and very well behaved, as you’d expect. He took me through for my scan and was explaining everything to me. It tickled when he shaved my tummy, but I did my best to stay still. Anyway, let’s start with the good news. The nodule on my spleen hasn’t changed, so nothing to worry about there. My gallbladder and pancreas look ok too, which is good news. It gets a bit more hazy after that.

Heart and liver

I’ve got the same heart condition as Shadow. It’s one of those things that only develops in later life, but it has progressed since my last scan and there’s some enlargement of the heart. I’m going onto the same medication as Shadow and thankfully it won’t cause confusion as I will be on the same dose. I think Mum can remember that fairly easily. It gets harder when we’re on different amounts of the same thing, especially if she isn’t concentrating on which of us dogs has our mouth open.

Then there’s my liver. For some reason there’s some enlargement and obviously there shouldn’t be. The vet said would I mind if he put a needle into it to take a sample. Now, I’m a coward, so of course my first question was ‘Will it hurt?’ He assured me that he’d use a local anaesthetic and I wouldn’t feel a thing – except being given the local anaesthetic – I felt that!

Now I have to wait for the results, but hopefully it’s nothing to worry about.

Second Puppyhood

There’s enough to worry about with Shadow in the house. She seems to have entered her second puppyhood. She has started eating the post. She hasn’t done that since she was very young. We’ve always been really trustworthy. Anyway, Mum is going to have to buy a box to go behind the door to stop it happening to anything important. We’re waiting to build an enclosed porch, which will get round the problem, but the planning department is taking forever so we can’t do it yet. In the meantime, Mum has asked Shadow only to eat the bills.



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  1. Hello Ari, so pleased that you were a brave boy at the Vets and you are having the new tablets to help your heart. It will make you feel a lot better. We are busy in our garden. Our baby ducklings have been leaving us gradually. We thought they had all gone yesterday and then at about 6pm Mum turned up for food with two of them. They stayed a while and then flew off. They have just arrived for breakfast! Keep cool in this hot weather. Love to you all Sheila and Mark XX

    • Ari says thank you. He’s gone for a nap. Mum wishes we had ducklings. I do too, but for different reasons.
      Love to you all

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