Cuddly Day – Tuesday 26th July 2022

Cuddly Day

Yesterday was a very cuddly day. It was a lovely way to spend my birthday. I even condescended to let Mum take a selfie of us both. Normally I get funny about selfies. It’s hard on Mum when I am as it means she doesn’t get so many pictures of us together. She always seems to take them of me with Dad but Dad doesn’t often think to be taking pictures. We spent some time in the garden too. Actually, at one point the three of us were shut outside, but that was only because Mum had just broken a mug and didn’t want us getting any of the bits in our paws.

Sleeping upside down

Mum has been reading about the fact that if you sleep the wrong way round you end up with higher blood pressure. I’m not talking about sleeping on your back or your front, I mean whether it’s your head or your toes pointing toward magnetic north. Apparently, my paws should point north and my head south. It turns out that we have the bedroom completely the wrong way around. I could switch position quite easily but I always like to be able to see Mum if I open my eyes to check on her. Shadow generally sleeps the right way around but I can’t tell whether she feels better because of it.

Feng Shui

Then there seems to be something called Feng Shui. This is where it gets really difficult. If Mum puts the bed in the right place for magnetic north, she’s not sure if then it’s the wrong place for Feng Shui and it will all involve moving the big wardrobe. I think she should just give up and stay where she is, but you know what she’s like when she gets an idea in her head. She’s a bit like a terrier with a bone.