Happy Gotcha Day to Me – Monday 23rd November 2020

Happy Gotcha Day to Me

Happy Gotcha Day – Come on, sing along – Happy Gotcha to me, happy gotcha to me, happy gotcha dear Wilma, happy gotcha to me. It is five years ago today that Mum and I first set eyes and paws on each other. I think it’s more Mum’s gotcha day than mine as I seem to be in charge around here. It has been a wonderful five years and we totally love being together. I wouldn’t choose any other human and Mum wouldn’t choose any other dog (apart from the others and she’d already got them). Mum said I’m her sidekick, but if we’re being honest it’s probably more the other way around. I’m Lone Ranger and she’s Tonto.

Carrot for tea

When we were talking about it how happy we are, Mum had a moment of weakness. She said she didn’t even really mind about the carrots… and parsnips… and apples. She said if that was the price she has to pay to share her life with me then it’s worth paying. Frankly, I think she’s going soft.

Feeling self-conscious

Shadow is feeling self-conscious at the moment. Although her leg has been improving her coat is not looking great at the back. She still seems to be losing it and not in a normal way. She’s asked mum if she can talk to the vet about it to see what they suggest. She says at the moment if she has her photo taken she only wants it to be from the front. I’m just not going to bother taking her photo, it’s easier that way. She can be very moody if I get it wrong. Let’s be honest, she can be very moody when we get it right.

I’m off to see just how many carrots I can get away with.



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