Not going well – Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Not going well

It’s not going well for Shadow. Mum is at her wits end with not knowing what more she can do to help. Yesterday morning when Shadow got up at 6am they went outside and Mum thought all was well. Then when Shadow came back indoors, the point at which she is normally fine for the rest of the day, she had a dizzy spell and keeled over. Mum said it was different to the other episodes. Shadow has never been obviously dizzy before. This time there was no coughing to warn Mum, just Shadow staggering around in a circle and then collapsing to the floor. On the bright side she didn’t take too long to recover, but it has completely confused Mum as it doesn’t completely follow the pattern we’ve observed.

Very clingy

After Shadow has an episode she has a very clingy day. Mum had lots of phone calls to make and deliveries arriving. It meant she needed Shadow to sit with Dad for a while, but Shadow wasn’t even happy to do that. Even though she and Dad are very close, she couldn’t bear not being where she could see Mum and know she was there to help if needed.

On the bright side

On the bright side, I took one of the phone calls and it worked out rather well. It was the car crate company saying there were two possible crates for the boot of the car and the second one was a little larger. It didn’t cost anymore and I’m sure when it arrives Mum won’t notice that it’s several centimetres wider than she was expecting… and longer… and taller. I just thought I’d be much more comfortable in it so she’s bound to be happy. I do hope I’m right.