The bench – Thursday 11th August 2022

The bench

I’m pleased to say that the bench is now finished and safe to sit on. Safe for a human anyway. When I said to Mum I didn’t think it was going to be easy to balance on it so I’d rather not get up, she yet again pointed out I need to be more nimble. I’m on half rations as it is. It’s awful. Thankfully with the weather being hot we don’t really want to move about much. I nipped out for an apple but then came back in. You don’t really expect me to cut my apple consumption as well as my main food, do you?

Power cut

Anyway the day got a little more exciting when all the power went off. No internet, no fridge, no fans, no anything. Mum was pretty fed up as she was in the middle of working when it went. For a while she didn’t even have a mobile phone signal so it felt really weird. She laughed and said it reminded her of when she was young when they didn’t have some of the things we have now. I asked Shadow if she could remember those times but she got cross with me and said she wasn’t that old.

Second sunflower

There is a second sunflower but it was too hot to want to go out for a photo with it. Ari asked Mum if she could take one this morning before it gets too hot. He’s also asked if she can measure to see how tall they are. He’s willing it to get much bigger but I don’t think it will. One of the problems is the heat and lack of rain. Mum’s doing her best to help him water the most important things but they can’t do everything.



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