Preparations – Sunday 4th September 2022


We’ve all been busy making preparations for today. When Mum last checked, her weather app says it’s going to rain all day today except for the two hours that we need to be dry. That would be pretty amazing really. We don’t mind helping Mum do all the set up in the rain this morning, but it will really help if it doesn’t rain for the critical times. Mum thought about emergency plans for the weather and has made sure there are dog blankets on the settee, so dogs can be comfortable and dry. We’ve all been told we have to give priority to the humans, but that seems a shame. Actually, I think the three of us are expected to stay out of the way while everything is happening and we’ve even been warned our lunch will be served late – which is a dreadful thing to have happen.

Wishing Dad was here

We are all wishing that Dad could be here to help, but he is at least spending the day with sister Valeria and lots of my friends in Switzerland. He’s even going to see a litter of puppies too, which he always loves doing. I wish I could be going with him, as it really does sound like fun.

Mum has promised I can come out to have some fun when the serious part is over, but I don’t think Ari or Shadow will want to be around lots of dogs.

If it’s dry when everyone has gone, Mum says we can sit in her chair and relax for a while. That sounds good to us. If not, we can sit in our chair inside, but we both prefer the outdoors if it’s possible. Mum says she’ll probably fall asleep, but that sounds good to me too.



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