Office dogs – Wednesday 7th December 2022

Office dogs

We’re practising being office dogs. Ari is still very unsettled by all the changes. However, Mum has found that if we sit with her in the office, but with the door closed, he is much happier and finds somewhere to be comfortable. Mum usually prefers to have the door open, but she says on balance she would much rather he was relaxed and happy and if that’s what it is going to take then that is what we will do. It didn’t totally stop him from barking and we did both get sent out eventually, but it’s a start. I guess he’ll get the hang of things eventually.

Mama Susi

Mama Susi, my dog mother, was 14 and a half years old yesterday. Isn’t that wonderful? Happy half birthday Mama and may you have many more. Mum says she hopes that I take after my mother’s genes and I hope so too. She still goes out a little, but doesn’t walk far. If you’re reading this Mama, then I’m sending all my love. If not, Dad will be seeing my sister again on Thursday so he can pass on my greetings then. Oh how I wish I could be there too.

That will be the last time Dad can see them for a while as he’s coming home at the weekend. Mum has said we need to make a lot of fuss of him as he will miss the homecoming that Shadow always gave him. None of us can ever be a substitute, but we can at least try.

Christmas 2015

This is exciting as it was my first Christmas. It was all very exciting for a young puppy, meeting Santa Paws so I could tell him what I wanted for Christmas. Then getting lovely presents, which in my head included the wrapping paper, which was huge fun. They were good times with my wonderful friend Alfie and of course Shadow and Aristotle too.



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